Historical combat flight simulator
Around 75 years ago a new war erupted that it was feared could escalate to WWIII. The superpowers who have won WWII and removed the Japanese occupation forces from Korea, ‘temporarily’ dividing it, now had civilization-ending weaponry in their arsenals. They sought the way to project influence in the new world order where the nuclear war was deemed equally devastating and inevitable.
Being unable to look away and appear weak no matter the cost, both the opposing coalitions entered the death spiral of sending more and more troops and resources to the fray in hope of tipping the balance in their favor. The result was a bloody stalemate reached only after years of the fighting and millions dead: technically the war is still unresolved today, since no peace treaty was ever signed.
This is the story of the Korean war, which is sometimes referred to as ‘forgotten’ war, because in the public opinion it is largely overshadowed by the previous WWII and later Vietnam wars. For military aviation this was a unique era when new jet aircraft served along with their piston engine ancestors and the last time when combat pilots could still see each other in their gunsights. This is the story of the air war in Korea brought to you in our next generation combat flight simulator.
Physically accurate light ray propagation in the atmosphere model, city light halos, uneven airfields and 3D bomb craters, new graphical effects and vegetation, translucent water, next level of visual model fidelity with diverse damage and more.
New physics-based
DirectX 12
The gradually becoming obsolete piston-engined old rulers of the sky and the young lions of the atomic age - early jets including F-86A Sabre and MiG-15bis - with all major systems modeled and more detailed damage: internal parts visible through the holes, aircraft skin sheets that can become loose, etc.
Eight aircraft with next level of damage
Revamped radio comms and orders system, skip time on the route feature, ability to enter and exit the cockpit, walk and swim,, support for modern flight control devices and gamepads, mouse-free experience in VR, intelligent sortie recording and playback.
New level of Combat Experience
440×440 km of four times more detailed than before flyable area: cities, airfields and sea ports with people in them, mountains with cranky rivers, roads and tunnels, water reservoirs and dams, mining facilities and factories, scattered hilly islands with many straits, shallow and deep waters, military camps, electric lines, etc.
All-season Korean peninsula in 1950s
Ability to become a regiment commander and manage your unit supplies, personnel and aircraft, massive air raids on the current gen hardware thanks to simplified flight modeling of large bomber groups, functional radars, dozens of painstakingly recreated air including Tu-2 and B-29 bombers, naval and ground unit types including infantry squads to attack, protect and avoid.
Rich Game World
Learn more about the forgotten war and cutting edge tech of the atomic era to the point of having detailed information on aircraft armament as you play
In-game Museum
Coming in 2025
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